Our Mammal Mission Appeal Pembrokeshire

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is on a mission to help wildlife in Pembrokeshire, but we need your help…

It’s no secret that wildlife is struggling. It’s vitally important that we’re doing all we can to protect them. Unfortunately our resources only go so far until we rely on kind donations from people like you. By donating to this appeal you will be helping us to protect wildlife in Pembrokeshire.

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What we’ve been doing so far…

Our team has been helping wildlife locally by installing Hedgehog boxes, Dormice nest boxes and Otter holts. We’ve also carried out thermal imaging surveys at night to look for Dormice and Hedgehogs, and remote cameras have been set up to look for Otters. We’ve also been managing land at Pembroke Upper Mill Pond and Llangloffan Fen for wildlife.

Hedgehog house

Hedgehog house

What we’d like to do with your help…

Your kind donation would allow us to install more artificial holts and create open water habitats for Otters. We would also be able to erect more nest boxes on other reserves for Dormice and establish a partnership with a local Hedgehog hospital to relocate rehabilitated hogs to our nature reserves.

Please, if you can, kindly donate to our Mammal Mission Appeal to enable us to protect wildlife on your doorstep.

Otter - credit Tommy Evans