Our Mammal Mission Appeal Brecknockshire

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales is on a mission to help wildlife in Brecknock, but we need your help…

It’s no secret that wildlife is struggling. It’s vitally important that we’re doing all we can to protect them. Unfortunately our resources only go so far until we rely on kind donations from people like you. By donating to this appeal you will be helping us to protect wildlife in Brecknock.

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What we’ve been doing so far…

Our team in Brecknock have been coppicing for Dormice in Pwll Y Wrach with volunteers as part of the National Dormice Monitoring Scheme. Occasionally, Brown Long Eared Bats turn up in the Dormice boxes due to the lack of suitable roosting crevices. We’ve also found signs of Otters on Ystrad Fawr and Pwll Y Wrach.

Dormouse Weighing

Dormouse Weighing

What we’d like to do with your help…

Your kind donation would allow us to replace rotting or stolen Dormice boxes as well as host events for people to learn how to manage their gardens for Dormice. We would be able to provide the Bats with more roosting boxes as well as manage the reserve in the long term to increase the number of natural roost sites. Being able to provide artificial holts would also help Otters.

Otter - credit Tommy Evans

Otter – credit Tommy Evans

Please, if you can, kindly donate to our Mammal Mission Appeal to enable us to protect wildlife on your doorstep.