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The Good, The Bad and The Slimy

The Good, The Bad and The Slimy

Something sinister is lurking in the undergrowth at our Coed Y Bwl reserve in the Vale of Glamorgan. Oozing along the woodland floor are a range of Myxomycetes commonly refered to as Slime Moulds. Not plant, not animal, not fungi. They are capable of locomotion and finding thier way through a maze! They feed by

Taphrina alni sample by Mike Bright

Alder Tongue

Rudi and I recently went for a wander around Parc Slip hoping to find signs of a little known fungi, Taphrina which is a genus of parasitic Ascomycota that cause intriguing galls in their host plants. Witches Broom (Taphrina betulina) is the largest and most familiar species inducing dense twig-like formations on Birch’s which are the

Lunar Hornet by V Matthews

A good week for rare moths at Parc Slip

The second week in July has been a particularly good one for finding rare moths at Parc Slip. As usual we have run the weekly moth trap which produced decent results with 71 species of moths caught including a fairly uncommon Beautiful Hook-tip (Laspeyria flexula). However, it was not this species that caused so much

A Dark Green Fritillary – never, as far as I’m aware, recorded at Taf Fechan before

The secret of the happy surveyor or have emergency umbrella will bimble.

The Happy Surveyor must Dilly-dally and shilly shally, Wind and rove Amble, saunter and dawdle Digress, meander and shuffle Mosey, tootle, mooch and bimble Gallivant, ramble or maybe roam Happy to take ninety one snaps of Lovely blurry things sat on a gate Never be afraid to wait or deviate Have the patience to pursue

Warning, water buffalo at work!

Warning, water buffalo at work!

Regular visitors will know that, since 2002, the place to see water buffalo is The Welsh Wildlife Centre and Teifi Marshes. These gentle giants graze a boggy, damp marshy area of the Reserve from early spring until autumn. Water buffalo are one of the world’s oldest livestock breeds. They originate from Asia, and were recorded