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Skokholm's wildlife

Skokholm’s Wildlife

Skokholm's History

Skokholm’s History

Island Events

Island Events

Skokholm Island is a jewel in the sea, a magical place located off the south-west tip of Pembrokeshire.

Set in a thriving Marine Nature Reserve this island is part of a breathtaking wildlife spectacle. It is home to an exciting range of flora, fauna and beautiful scenery that you can’t find anywhere else.

Surrounded by reefs and rich seas the island supports an incredible variety of wildlife, including thousands of sea birds such as puffins and Manx shearwaters, a large population of storm petrels, Guillemots, Razorbills and, as well as all this, the island is covered in a stunning array of wild flowers and lichens. Plus there are often some fascinating migrants to look out for that are passing through.

SkokholmIn the seas around the island you can see Risso’s dolphins, harbour porpoise and Atlantic grey seals whilst a little further out larger cetaceans can be spotted. The island really is an incredible place to visit, truly a Dream Island. More detailed information about Skokholm Island is available. You can also download the reports about Skokholm’s sea bird research.

Our wardens write a great blog about their life and the wildlife on Skokholm Island, giving you an insight into what it’s like to live on a wild and beautiful island off the Pembrokeshire coast.

The Friends of the Islands have been instrumental in the restoration work on the island over the last few years, both in terms of raising funds and the actual restoration work on the buildings.  It is now possible to buy the Dream Island DVD from our shop, which will help with the work on the island.

Have a nose at our NEW ‘Introduction to Lichen Flora on Skokholm’ event too! A seven day stay on Skokholm, fully catered. This can be found in Island Events.

Please support our work on Skokholm Island

By becoming a member of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales you will be supporting our work on the island of Skokholm. You will also be helping us with our work on our many other sites across south and west Wales. Please join us now, and as a thank you, you’ll receive free landing on neighbouring Skomer.

In Pembrokeshire we have 15 nature reserves including the significant reserve and visitor centre at Teifi Marshes.