Skomer and Skokholm islands are two very magical and special places.
Both are managed by the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales.

The Islands

Manx Shearwater next to a burrow. Dave Boyle

Skomer and Skokholm islands provide a fantastic habitat for ground nesting birds. An accurate census of puffins is difficult, but the best estimates indicate that there may be about 2,000 breeding pairs on Skokholm and 6,000 on Skomer.

Manx shearwaters also do well on the islands. There are an estimated 120,000 breeding pairs on Skomer and a further 45,000 pairs on Skokholm, making the two islands the largest known concentration of this species in the world.

Skomer is a little closer to the coast of Pembrokeshire, it is owned by the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) but it has been managed by ourselves for many years. If you are a member of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales you can now land on the island for free.

Skokholm is quite different to Skomer, a little further out and a little wilder, the island is made up of stunning red sandstone, instead of the volcanic rock of Skomer. Skokholm was bought by ourselves and a wealth of fantastic supporters back in 2005.

You can visit both of these amazing islands throughout the spring and summer months, between April and September.  Overnight stays and short breaks are the best way to have a fabulous island experience. Alternatively, you can visit Skomer on a day trip.  We let Skomer’s wildlife have a rest day from human visitors on Mondays (except Bank Holidays), however, you can enjoy a Skomer cruise on Mondays to see the cliff nesting birds from the water. Skokholm is so busy with bird observatory work that they are unable to take day visitors currently.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Skomer wildlife

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Manx Shearwater chick about to be weighed by one of the researchers

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Annual Reports/publications

Skomer seabird report 2012

Skomer Bird Report 2011

Skomer Bird Report 2010

Skomer Seal Report 2011 (3Mb) – A report to CCW on the health of the Seal Population on Skomer Island

Skomer Seal Report 2012 (3.3 Mb) – A report to CCW on the health of the Seal Population on Skomer Island

Sea bird monitoring on Skomer island 1999 2002 J.Brown et al