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Castlemartin choughs by Annie Haycock

Castlemartin Choughs and Cows

29 of us met at 0900 for the Castlemartin Range West walk, on a grey and windy day, hoping the forecast heavy rain would hold off till later in the day. Peter Royle in his role as a National Park Walk Leader, assisted by Alison Beak as backmarker, led the walk, while Bob and Annie Haycock were our wildlife guides. Castlemartin choughs by Annie Haycock Bob and Annie were soon turning up rare plants, including goldilocks aster, while the golden samphire was still showing well.…
David starts his swim to Skokholm photo by Drew Buckley Photography

Skokholm Island Swim Success for Dave!

On the 22nd of August at approximately 7am Dave Astins, a daring volunteer and supporter of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales successfully completed the 2.5 mile treacherous sponsored swim from Marloes Sands, across Marloes Bay to the beautiful Skokholm Island in amazing time of 1hr 24mins. The Wildlife Trust have carried out research and have still yet to find someone who has successfully completed and recorded the swim from the mainland to the island, so this is quite possibly a first!…
Birds of Radnorshire cover

The Birds of Radnorshire

The Birds of Radnorshire has recently been published and is the first comprehensive avifauna for ‘The Heart of Wales’. It is a lavish 300-page hardback volume written by Pete Jennings (county bird recorder for the last 28 years and trustee and former Chairman of the Radnorshire Wildlife Trust), illustrated by Alan Harris (one of the worlds most reknowned bird artists) and printed by Cambrian Printers of Aberystwyth. Birds of Radnorshire cover Many birdwatchers criss-cross the Ceredigion/Radnorshire border in search of birds.…
Love Your Countryside festival: Charcoal Making

Love Your Countryside festival: Charcoal Making

On Tuesday 9th September WTSWW will be running a charcoal making workshop as part of the Love Your Countryside Festival on Gower. Led by Paul Thornton and James Davies (WTSWW staff and makers of Gower Charcoal), the workshop is aimed at people interested in woodland management, woodland owners looking to generate an income, conservation students, small woodland enterprises and others who are just want to learn the magic process of charcoal making! It will be a relaxed, informal and informative day in the woods.…
Nemophora cupriacella a new record for Breconshire by Graham Watkeys

The Rare Beasts of Taf Fechan

Animals (and plants for that matter) don’t know (or particularly care) where they are “supposed” to be. They don’t read species lists or look at old maps they just live where they are able to live and everything has to live somewhere (this highlights somewhat the importance of habitat diversity and conservation but that’s another argument). This stubborn biological refusal to be entirely and completely predictable makes getting out in the countryside and looking at wildlife such a rewarding experience because you never really know what you are going to find.…
Carmarthenshire Tails: ‘Ratty’s Return’

Carmarthenshire Tails: ‘Ratty’s Return’

In a quiet corner of rural Carmarthenshire, lying low in the beautiful Gwendraeth valley, WTSWW’s Ffrwd Farm Mire nature reserve can be found. Part of the Gwernydd Penbre SSSI, Ffrwd comprises around 19 hectares of wetland habitats that would once have been abundant in this part of the county- from reedbeds to wet woodland and marshy grassland, all criss-crossed with a network of deep, vegetated ditches. The nature reserve is important for a number of scarce species associated with these habitats, from Cetti’s Warbler to Marsh Pea, Marsh Honey Fungus, Tubular Water Dropwort and Frogbit.…