Trustee Board and Governance

Our 2014-15 accounts are now available the minutes from our latest AGM are also available to look at (252 KB).

AGM and summary accounts 14-9-15

To find out a little more about our Trustee Board we have a some Personal Statements (April 2014 – 76 KB)  from each of the members.

Many thanks to those who attended our AGM – we have a selection of the talks available for you to look through.

AGM 2015 Sash’s finance presentation

AGM 2015 Sarah Kessell (CEO)

AGM 2015 Working for the Wildlife Trust

AGM 2015 Ffrwd Farm Water Vole Reintroduction

Revised Memorandum & Articles of Association

Our Board of Trustees has been working on a revision of the Memorandum & Articles of Association to bring them up to date and in line with current guidance. You can download a) the current version that has been in use since 2007, b) the draft working document showing all the various deletions and insertions, and c) the final version which is being put to members for approval at the AGM on 14th September 2015.
If you require a hard copy of any of the above please contact Diana Clark on


Trustee nominations are open for 2015 if you would like to support our work please consider becoming a Trustee. Please contact Diana Clark on 01656 724100 to find out more.

The only requirements for applicants are enthusiasm and commitment to work with a team of others for the benefit of the Trust and its objectives but we do have gaps in particular areas that we would like to fill if possible.

We would very much like to extend the range of skills represented on our Board and would like to attract new Trustees with a business background.

We are looking in particular for support in:

  • Membership development
  • Marketing
  • Fund raising
  • Governance
  • Programme management
  • Employment Law and other legal matters

So if you have an interest in, or knowledge of, any or these you would be particularly welcome. We would also like to continue to have a good geographical representation on the Board and welcome applications from all areas but especially from the east of the Trust area.

Trustees are unpaid volunteers and expenses are not usually paid. The commitment is to attend Board meetings (about 7-8 a year, usually on a Monday evening in Bridgend at our Parc Slip Nature Centre) and to attend some other meetings (more often at weekends) connected with the Trust’s work.

The term of appointment is for up to three years in the first instance.

Being a Trustee can be an onerous task and, at times the commitment can feel demanding, but the work is deeply rewarding and, for the most part, very enjoyable.

Please download the Information about being a Trustee and the Code of Conduct

Role of Member of Board of Trustees (34KB)

Code of Conduct for Charity Trustees (31kb)

Trustee application Form WTSWW 2015

Trustees would be delighted to talk informally to anyone interested in applying. Please contact Diana Clark, who would be happy to set up a meeting or phone call with an existing Trustee to discuss the role.

Contact details for all governance related issues: Diana Clark, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, The Nature Centre, Fountain Road, Tondu, Bridgend CF32 0EH.

Tel: 01656 724100Email: