Sustainable steps for a slow future

Actions really do speak louder than words, and here at The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, we encourage individual actions that champion change for nature, this includes choosing local, slow fashion.

Small, daily actions can amount to change and as a collective, our lifestyle choices will build the foundations for a sustainable future. Everything from meat-free Monday's, active travel, refusing single use, to opting for slow, sustainable fashion, together these steps will carve the future we so desperately need as consumers.

We also recognise that tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis isn't just an environmental issue, its a social, cultural and economic one too and as individuals, we have our own lives to live.

To ensure that we can create collaborations, support those we are doing their utmost to champion change for the natural world and build a better and more responsible future for consumers, we've teamed up with a brand new Welsh business, We Are For The Wild, who have designed eco-friendly t-shirts exclusively for us, featuring artwork of two of our reserve’s most iconic species – the puffin and the kingfisher.

We Are For The Wild are a sustainable clothing brand which is driven to supporting and showcasing the work being done to preserve the natural world. The brand donates 50% of their profits to wildlife conservation initiatives.

50% of the profits from sales of these designs goes towards our charity, so as well as showing support for our organisation by wearing these fabulous t-shirts, money raised from sales goes directly towards our work for wildlife!

It's now more important than ever that our individual actions and choices reflect and determine the future of our planet, as well as support all types of conservation efforts.

You can shop the range here.

Please note that to reduce waste and footprint, items are made to order and can take 1-2 weeks to be processed. This is to avoid unnecessary waste through unsold inventory. Orders are dispatched in plastic free paper packaging. Further information about the products and returns can be found on each item page.