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New fence posts going in

New fence posts going in

Orange tip butterfly by Keith Noble

Orange tip butterfly by Keith Noble

It has been a busy month for the Brecknock team and their dedicated volunteers, who despite the weather and challenging conditions always deliver.

At Wern Plemys in Ystradgynlais the rather large interpretation panel was re-instated.  It was extremely heavy, so needed two new oak posts for which holes were dug through thunder and heavy rain. It was then bolted together and hopefully that should last for another 10 years with some repair to the frame. Job well done to all involved!

At Cae Bryntywarch, our SSSI grassland near Trecastle we started work on replacing rotten fence posts to help keep the curious young cattle in! We also spent time looking at some early spring flowers. One of which was lousewort. This is quite an early flowering plant as is Petty Whin, a  rare mini gorse plant, both are found at Cae Bryntywarch and can be appreciated from mid April to mid May when its flowers make it easy to spot.

If you visit Cae Bryntywarch, you are also likely to see Marsh Marigolds, violets and cuckoo flowers. Cuckoo flowers flourish on some of our reserves, but can also be seen on the road verges of Powys. They are essential to orange tip butterflies who’s larvae feed on cuckoo flower and its relatives.

Finally at Coed Dyrysiog, Warden Trevor with Bird Surveyor Andy have had a helping hand from Rob and Ben who have made some really solid looking bird boxes.


We have a few exciting events coming up in Brecknock, including two Dawn Chorus events and the Fforest Fawr Geopark Festival where you can come along and learn about ponds!

You can find information about our future events here 

Want a particular sort of event? If you have an idea for an event that you think will be popular with members please contact Pauline.