Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters: A Skomer Island Journal

For two years I was lucky enough to spend spring and summer on Skomer, surveying the spectacular seabird colonies, watching the seasons change and experiencing the strange mixture of communal spirit and separateness that comes with island life.  Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters is the story of my first season on the island; a journal of work and life on this amazing reserve, a record of my reflections and experiences, and a taste of island history, from the mystery of the Harold Stone to stories of more recent times.  

Manx Shearwater  by Nigel McCall

Manx Shearwater by Nigel McCall

The charismatic, inquisitive puffins which woo so many visitors are the instantly recognisable face of Skomer, but the island holds a richness of nature and history of which they are just one part.  Skomer is a place where the elements retain a power to shape and challenge, and where the cycles of nature are uniquely close to the human community living in their midst.  This cannot help but bring a new perspective on modern life and our relationship with the natural world; a perspective I try to describe and explore.  I hope that my book captures some of the feel of the island, and a little of the beauty and atmosphere of a place that is special to so many people.

Sheer Cliffs and Shearwaters will be available from bookshops from the beginning of September, and can also be ordered online, for example through Waterstones and Amazon.

This book was originally due to be launched in late July, but as a result of a delay in the publishing process this has been put back to the start of September.  Apologies for the wait if you placed an order earlier in the summer.

Richard Kipling