Adopt a Cardigan Bay Dolphin Jacky – NEW!

Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphin Jacky


Jacky (376) has been photographed regularly since June 2011 and can be identified by the fringe of white pigmentation around her dorsal fin and three white patches on her left side. In 2013 she gave birth to calf Joey who is now three years old and becoming independent. Jacky is a regular visitor to New Quay Bay, and has been a favourite of our Living Seas volunteers for the past few years. She can often be seen foraging in the harbour area or close to the harbour wall. Jacky and Joey are sometimes spotted socialising with another mother and calf pair (dolphins 665 and 734) and Finn (673) the calf of Connie (another Adopt a Dolphin) who is the same age as Joey.

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