Skomer Photography Workshop 8th June 2014

The UK forecast for last weekend was for supercell thunderstorms, lightning and hailstones as big as tennis balls and a yellow rain alert for Wales! This is the kind of prediction that shreds my nerves as I have to give participants enough warning if the workshop cannot run so I decided to postpone to Sunday which had a much more favourable forecast but there was a doubt in the back of my mind that it might all change by Saturday. Sure enough, Gary at Lockley Lodge said you should have been there today when I rang him on Saturday afternoon as it was a gloriously sunny day with a stiff breeze. Sunday's forecast was now 30mph gusts and 7.5 foot swell. I spent a sleepless night worrying that the ferry might not run!

All turned out well and a puffin was finally spotted bringing sandeels back in to feed a chick at the Wick. The ledges at the landing were packed with razorbills and guillemots providing opportunities to get in-flight shots. The group departed after having a great experience on Skomer with hopefully some cracking images as memories of a great day.

Puffin posing at the Wick.



My first sighting of a puffin with sandeels in 2014




A ledge at the landing packed with razorbills and guillemots




Razorbill taking off in moth-flight pose