Graham Rees, our latest Vice President

Since its formation in 2002, The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales has been appointing Vice Presidents in recognition of their outstanding support and work for the Wildlife Trusts.  Vice Presidents hold office for a term of five years and these stalwarts of the Trust have usually been involved in conservation work for many decades with the old parent organisations, Glamorgan Wildlife Trust and Wildlife Trust West Wales, as well as being great supporters of the current Trust.

Pembrokeshire Bird Conference by L Wilberforce

Pembrokeshire Bird Conference by L Wilberforce

It was with great pleasure at the Trust AGM on 5th September 2013 that Graham Rees from Pembrokeshire became our latest Vice President.  His appointment has been greeted by a great deal of support and enthusiasm from long standing members in the west and in particular the bird watching community in Pembrokeshire, not least because he was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the Pembrokeshire Bird Group and the Welsh Ornithological Society as well as a multitude of other ornithological groups and committees.

Graham is a great ‘sea-watcher’ and has an amazing knowledge of birds  which over the years he has shared with fellow birders at Strumble Head, ready to help beginners or visiting birders by answering queries, explaining identification or pointing out passing birds.

The Trust welcomes this opportunity to thank Graham for his dedication and although he was unable to attend the AGM due to ill-health, we are grateful to Derek Moore for presenting him, on behalf of the Trust, with his Vice President’s certificate at the recent Pembrokeshire Bird Conference.

The Trust is fortunate to have the support of many dedicated volunteers and Graham joins those who have been appointed as Vice President at an AGM since 2002 - Andrew Agnew, Gwyn Davis, Jack Donovan, Mervyn Howells, Bill Kohnstamm, Jeffrey Raum, Joan Raum, David Saunders, Denys Smith, Richard Loosmore, Barry Downes, John Zehetmayr and John Gale.