Staying on Skokholm

Make memories that will last a lifetime…

A short or long term stay on Skokholm is a must for any nature lover. Whether you’re planning your getaway for the spring, summer or autumn, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Spring Visits…

Enjoy the spring migration spectacle as thousands of Manx Shearwaters return to their island burrows from South America.

A 90,000 voice strong cacophony of eerie calls fill the night sky as the birds reacquaint themselves with lifelong partners.

Guillemots and Razorbills gather around the Red Sandstone Cliffs and Puffins start to arrive onto the island. Did you know that Skokholm is home to one of the most accessible Storm Petrel colonies in the world?!

Why not explore Skokholm’s impressive lighthouse and view the island from the top of the lantern?

Summer is all about the chicks…

June and July is a fantastic time stay on the island and watch Puffins return to their burrows with beaks full of sand-eels, a firm indication that a hatchling is near!

Watch out for fluffy white Fulmar chicks among the array of colour created by sea thrift, bluebells and Red and Sea Campion.

Hold your breath and witness Razorbill and Guillemot chicks make the brave jump from cliff-top to ledge!

Skokholm Cottage Bedroom accomodation in the Cow Shed Twin bedroom in the Cow Shed Bedroom in the Cow Shed Skokholm Island accomodation in the Cow Shed Skokholm Island Cow Shed bedroom The Cottage on Skokholm Island The cosy fire in Skokholm Islands cottage
The Cottage on Skokholm Island

Sunsets, scenery and special experiences…

Escape the crowds during August and September and count the variety of colours that decorate the landscape. Join the island wardens after dark and watch Storm Petrels returning to their nests. Manx Shearwaters and Storm Petrels are extremely busy feeding their hungry chicks. Watch the island team weigh and measure the subterranean ‘fluff balls’, a truly unique encounter not to be missed!

Juvenile birds will also be passing through Skokholm as they make their first migration. And if you’ve still got energy to burn at the end of the day why not find your perfect island spot, throw down a picnic blanket and watch the sun set with a glass of wine, perfect! To find out more about Skokholm’s special experiences, download our information sheet.

Staying on Skokholm

Bird Ringing

How to book?

Stay on Skokholm

Stay on Skokholm

Unlike Skomer, there are no day visitors on Skokholm making your stay extra special! Visitors can choose either 3, 4 or 7 night stays.

Visitor accommodation is located in the 18th Century Farmhouse and renovated quirky cow barns.

The accommodation is self catering and produces solar energy for sustainable living.

Staying on Skokholm is basically off grid living. There is a self-catering kitchen where the cookers are powered by bottled gas (which have to ferried to and from the island), refrigeration and electric light are powered by solar power (please note there is no microwave).

There is hot and cold running water (solar powered) to the bedrooms, a communal lounge in the cottage which has a multi fuel stove. There are no showers or heating.

There is plenty to see and do even after the puffins depart – to find out more about Skokholm’s best kept secret, download our information about Skokholm in August.


Skokholm cliffs and bluebells by Dave Milborrow

Skokholm cliffs and bluebells by Dave Milborrow

The accommodation has been upgraded in the past few years thanks to a willing bunch of volunteers and the Friends of the Islands. There are four twin rooms and one double bedded room in the renovated cowsheds, one twin room and four single rooms in the cottage, plus a further two twin rooms in the warden’s old quarters. Please note the lighthouse is not available for guest accommodation.

There is a small shop selling basic foodstuffs. If you are planning on doing a lot of photography please try and bring extra batteries. Solar power is not limitless!

Boat fare is extra and paid direct to boatman in cash – £27.50 return.


Skokholm Storm Petrel

Skokholm Storm Petrel

To avoid disappointment all guests with ringing licenses who wish to ring on Skokholm whilst staying on the island must contact the Wardens first.

If you are a group of bird ringers who wish to make a booking please contact the wardens, Richard and Giselle (07971 114303) first. You will need to complete a separate form to establish your bird ringing credentials.

I am sure that most of you reading this will be aware that Skomer and Skokholm have remained closed for day and residential visitors this season. A small team have remained isolated on the island to protect the breeding seabirds and conduct essential research and monitoring.

The overnight guests that were due to visit this year were given the option of transferring their stays to the same days in 2021 and the vast majority of people decided to do this.
A large proportion of people that decided not to transfer their booking to next year have asked to donate their booking fees or in some instances the whole of the cost of their stays to the Trust. These displays of understanding and generosity have on occasion been quite overwhelming and will make a considerable difference over the coming months.
We face a period of uncertainty for 2021. If the situation remains the same with regard to the Coronavirus, the challenges will also remain constant. We would need to consider how we manage the shared accommodation facilities. We would need to carefully plan how to quarantine all guests on the islands for up to 2 weeks, if someone displayed symptoms of the virus whilst staying on an Island.

We know that nearly all bed spaces for 2021 between mid- April and the end of July on both islands have been reserved for guests that have transferred their bookings from this year. We also understand that we might need to limit the number of overnight guests to maintain a safe environment for all.

The result of these considerations has forced our hand and we feel that opening the bookings for the remaining spaces on both islands in October would be misleading and irresponsible. We fully understand that this will be a huge disappointment once we understand more about the impacts of Coronavirus next year, we will be able to allow further bookings. We will update both our website and our social media channels and e-newsletters when the situation for next year becomes clear.

We thank you for your understanding and support at this difficult time and we remain hopeful for a solution in the not too distant future.

For bookings please contact:
Telephone: 01656 724100 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Why do members of the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales get priority booking?

As a way of saying thank you to our members we allow them to book two weeks early.

Membership costs as little as a cup of coffee per month

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