Sightings Update 17/10/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather Conditions: Overcast/Fair, Wind Direction: SW/N/NW, Sea state 0-3

Bottlenose dolphins were in the bay in the morning and in the afternoon, with groups seen towards the edges of the bay leaping, foraging and milling. A number of mother and calf pairs were amongst the groups. Atlantic grey seals were seen close to the harbour wall foraging and scanning for long periods of time, with one individual observed staying near the wall for around an hour and a half. Notable bird sightings include a group of migrating skylarks, turnstones, gannets and a guillemot.

Sightings Update 31/08/2018: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

Weather Conditions: sunny/fair, Wind direction: S/SE, Sea state 1-2

Six land-based surveys were conducted by our volunteers yesterday, with a variety of wildlife recorded. Grey seals were seen from the survey point during the early morning and late afternoon watches – observed to be resting and foraging close to the fish factory and to the harbour wall. The most notable period of the day came at 1pm, when dolphins (including juveniles) were frequently spotted displaying a wide range of behaviours including travelling, leaping, foraging and chasing fish at times only meters from the wall. Other sightings include gannets, razorbill and turnstones.

19/04/2018: Bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise, Atlantic grey seals

19/04/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins,  harbour porpoise,  Atlantic grey seals

Weather Conditions: Fair / sunny, sea state 1/2, Wind direction: variable

The Cardigan Bay big three were identified yesterday from the harbour wall. Dolphins were seen from 8am in the bay, foraging and surfacing regularly although quite a way out. This included a juvenile animal. Two seals were also spotted yesterday, one in the morning and one during the afternoon. Two harbour porpoise were seen later on in the day – around 500m from the fish factory. A purple sandpiper was also seen, as well as terns.