SeaSeal Update 31/08/2018: Atlantic Grey Seals

Weather conditions: fair, sea state 1, wind direction SW

It was a busy evening at Birds Rock, with a large number of Atlantic grey seals recorded by our Sea Seal volunteer. Two seals were observed hauled out throughout the entire two hour survey, with one being quite vocal. Towards the end of the survey, several more seals were spotted swimming into the area: splashing and fighting in the water once they reached the sea around the rocks. Bird sightings included oystercatchers, fulmars and a heron.

Sightings Update 24/06/2018: Bottlenose dolphins

Weather conditions: Sunny, Sea state 1-2, Wind direction: NE-NW

More sunshine and calm seas yesterday for our LivingSeas volunteers, as they carried out land surveys from 7am-7pm. Dolphins were first seen during the morning, spotted briefly by the headland shortly before another group was recorded foraging along the reef. Other notable sightings include thicklip mullet, juvenile grey herons and two large guillemot flocks flying close-in to the harbour wall.