Shearwaters, Seals and Hidden Secrets


Make memories that will last a lifetime this summer with a visit or overnight stay on the beautiful island of Skomer. Recently nominated in the Lonely Planet Top 10 Guide for Best Family Holidays in Europe for 2015, Lonely Planet judges said the island was guaranteed to enthral visitors of all ages and we couldn’t agree more!

Skomer Island during the months of August and September are truly magical as our Manx Shearwaters and Atlantic Grey Seals take centre stage. We will also be introducing our exciting family events ‘Skomer Island Hidden Secrets’ throughout August.

Island Friends Stories Skomer

Island Friends Stories

Skomer Island Hidden Secrets

– Come and join us for two nights 4th – 6th August, 13 – 15th August and experience a side to Skomer you never knew existed!

Explore the rocky shore, peek under reptile sheets to glimpse a Slow Worm or even a Lizard and head out once it gets dark to see the amazing and eerie Manx Shearwater.

Also get hands on going through a moth trap from the night before with the Wardens, these creatures only come out at night and a moth trap is the best way to see all the amazing species that call Skomer their home.

Two night stay. £30 per night per adult, children 12 and under half price.

Seals & Shearwaters

- Our Atlantic Grey Seals during August are busy preparing to give birth to their pups on the pebble beach whilst young Ravens tussle in the sky overhead. Stay overnight and witness our Manx Shearwater chicks exercising their wings and launching clumsily in preparation for their long first flight.

Manx shearwater chick being weighed on Skomer

Manx shearwater chick being weighed

At night the island echoes with their calls as they return from a day at sea. Did you know… almost half the worlds’ population of Manx Shearwaters travel all the way from South America just to breed on Skomer! Graceful in flight but awkward on land these birds guarantee a wildlife encounter you will never forget.

Experience the amazing Manx Shearwaters of Skomer with a two night stay from the 28th August to the 7th September 2015. Meet the “Manxie” chicks as they get weighed, learn about the latest research and the amazing lives of these birds and go on a night time guided walk through the largest Manx Shearwater colony in the world.

Two night minimum stay during Shearwater week is: £70 per adult, £30 per child under 16. For general overnight booking details, prices and availability during August and September please contact our reservations officer:

Booking Hotline: 01239 621600