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We know how important it is for children to spend time outside and here at the Wildlife Trusts we want to see Every Child Wild.

Through our own work, such as events and our Wildlife Watch clubs, we help children to discover the outdoors every day.

We have lots of information for teachers and home educators about how we can help you take your classes outside.

We’re also really interested in your views. How often do you use the outdoors as your classroom? We’d be very grateful if you could fill in our survey.

Lastly, we will be holding a Teacher Training Day in Cardiff in the Autumn 2017, with workshops about how you can link wildlife and the outdoors to the curriculum.

If you would be interested in attending this training, let Rose know on email or phone 01656 724100

Exploring the wild - Penny Dixie

Exploring the wild – Penny Dixie

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  • The Puffin Prize!
    Eyes on the Prize Would you like a chance to win your very own Puffin photo book? A book made just for you? There will only be one copy, and it could be yours. We will also take you and your close family to Skomer Island as VIPs for a day! There you will be met ...
  • Summer Bat Count at Parc Slip!Summer Bat Count at Parc Slip!
    Have you ever visited the Parc Slip office wondered why the conference room smells so weird or the building fascia looks so tired and needing replacement or a good lick of paint? Well here is the answer, for a number of years the office has been home to a maternity roost of Soprano Pipistrelle bats (Pipistrellus ...
  • Garden Wildlife Filming – Top Hints & Tips!Garden Wildlife Filming  - Top Hints & Tips!
    Camera traps are wildly used by our Conservation team as part of species monitoring, they are also a great way to see what wildlife is out and about, day and night, when it’s quiet in your gardens. Unlike our Wildlife Trust Conservation team’s equipment, the cameras I use as part of the Education programme are at ...

Latest My Wild Cardiff News

  • My Wild Cardiff updatesMy Wild Cardiff updates
    This month the My Wild Cardiff Project has taken us to some new areas of Cardiff. On a sunny Sunday in July we spent a great afternoon exploring the Diana Garden Regeneration Project in Ely. The garden, opened by Princess Diana in 1993, had been left to disrepair for several years. Regeneration of the garden in ...
  • Grangetown Art Trail!Grangetown Art Trail!
    At the end of Wales Nature Week 2021 this month we were continuing our engagement work through the My Wild Cardiff Project. We joined the Grangetown Art Trail, a community art project based in Grangetown, for a fantastic day talking to people about wildlife gardening, with our display set up alongside workshops from local artists in ...
  • New Green Walls Project with Cardiff Local Nature Partnership (LNP)New Green Walls Project with Cardiff Local Nature Partnership (LNP)
    This past year the Trust has been working with Cardiff Local Nature Partnership (LNP) to improve biodiversity in polluted, urbanised areas of Cardiff using Green Walls. Green Walls (or living walls) are vertical structures of plants, attached to a building in sections or made of climbing plants that slowly grow up the wall themselves. The benefits of ...
  • Frog or Toad?Frog or Toad?
    Spring is on its way which means frogs and toads will be making their way to suitable water bodies to breed. Maybe you have spotted amphibian activity or spawn in your area already! One question that I often get asked is how to tell the difference between frogs and toads?  Here are the main characteristics to ...
  • Communities combat climate crisis thanks to £2.8 million of National Lottery money
    We are delighted to share some good news!! The National Lottery Community Fund announced that nearly £3 million has been awarded to communities in Wales to tackle climate change, thanks to National Lottery players. Two organisations in Wales have been awarded grants totalling £2,738,621 from The National Lottery Community Fund Climate Action Fund to take climate action ...
  • Make A Spot For Pollinators In Your Garden!
    Sometimes it’s hard to see how your environmental efforts as an individual has an impact on the global scale of climate change, but the small acts we do for the environment are valuable when each action is part of a wider collective effort. By now we are used to thinking about switching disposable plastic and coffee ...

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