Ask your Grandparents for their Marine Memories

© Kevin Hawke / Living Seas Wales

© Kevin Hawke / Living Seas Wales

This November, our Living Seas Wales Team need you to help us to help our seas! We are asking you to ask your Grandparents for their memories of marine wildlife and the marine environment, from around the Welsh coastline.

Leatherback turtle © Mike Alexander

You may have previously heard about our Marine Memories Project. We have written of its importance in several news articles (here and here) before now. But this is our final push to hear from you!

So, what are we looking for?

We are looking for stories that you, your parents, your grandparents, your cousins, your neighbours… (we could go on!) recall from your time on, or around, the Welsh coast. We’re particularly interested to hear about:

  • Marine megafauna – Did you know that orca are occasionally seen in Welsh waters?! Or that the largest leatherback turtle ever recorded washed up on a beach at Harlech, Gwynedd?! There is so much that we have yet to explore when it comes to the world beneath the waves, and because of that we’re interested in hearing your stories of marine megafauna: be that a sighting of a shark from your childhood, or a glimpse of a gannet feeding frenzy off the coast.
  • Working on the Boat © Peter Williams

    Fisheries – There was a time where fish were caught in such abundance that fishing boats wouldbe full to the gunnels, and your careful balance could be the difference between the boat capsizing or remaining upright! But times, and fish, change. We’re keen to hear if you, or your family, were involved in fishing – what you caught, and when!

  • Archives – Our searches through old books and newspaper clippings have revealed how, less than 150 years ago, sharks were described as “voracious monsters of the deep”, whales were thought to be “amphibious”, and porpoises were thought to have “Kings”. Perhaps you recall reading something similar, and filing the papers away in the loft? We’d love to bring these stories back out of the depths.


How can you get involved?

Newspaper clipping, 1914 © Herald of Wales and Monmouthshire Recorder / National Library of Wales

If you, or perhaps your Grandparents, have stories to share. We’d ask you to do the following:

      1. Write down your memories OR record yourself speaking about them on a phone.
      2. Find out your old photo albums and select a photo from the time (If you don’t have any, please feel free to skip this step!).
      3. Upload your story, and photos here -
      4. Smile and sit down with a well-earned cuppa/biscuit! Know you are helping us to learn more about our seas, and to protect them into the future.

We really cannot do this without you.

To view our current collection - which includes more photos and memories than we could possibly fit into one news article! - please visit the Memory Collection page on our website, or the People's Collection Wales website.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting our Living Seas Engagement Officer on

Thank you!

Main Image © Kevin Hawke / Living Seas Wales