Welcome to Two New Students

Todd Jenkins and Izzy Dick are the two new placement students who will be working at Parc Slip Nature Reserve for the next year. They both attend Cardiff University, and are studying Zoology.

So far they have been busy putting out harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) traps; this is a joint project they will be undertaking to survey harvest mice populations on site. They will also be carrying on with Rose Revera’s work of looking under the artificial cover sheets put out, in order to look at the reptiles, amphibians and small mammals found on the reserve. To date their most exciting find has been an adder, and a lot of grass snakes!

Slow Worm by Bruce Shortland

Slow Worm by Bruce Shortland

They will each be undertaking a main project for the year. Izzy’s project will consider Rose’s work with the sheets and expand on it by taking away the large refugia sheets from one large field, and the small sheets from the other (both consisting of 39 sets). This is to see if this affects the distribution and diversity of species and individuals across the two fields, by comparing any changes with Rose’s finds from last year.

Todd’s project will look at the distribution and movement of the slow worm (Anguis fragilis). This will involve carrying out surveys on slow worm numbers, and photo identification of individuals to show any movement the slow worms make between the artificial refugia set up on site. The aim of this project is to analyse movement of the slow worm over the year, and to attempt to determine what factors affect its movement and distribution.

Also throughout the year they will be assisting in any jobs that crop up on site. They will keep you updated and informed on with any changes, and if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Todd (todd.jenkins@sky.com) or Izzy (izzydick@hotmail.co.uk) via email.