The Taf Fechan method

Is meteorological consistency too much to ask for?

I think vindictive atmospheric flip flopping between cold blustery, rain and baking hot sun every 5 minutes is not only unfair but positively mean!

The prevailing weather conditions meant that a whole new scrub clearance procedure had to be developed to prevent complete and total saturation: this is now known as the Taf Fechan method (patent applied for).

The Taf Fechan method is simple but effective: first approach your Birch sapling, give the base of your chosen sapling a sharp and forthright clout with your loppers remembering (and this is the important bit) to duck out of the way of the resulting cascade of wet type water! This enables the chopping of your sapling to be undertaken in a safe and non-saturated manner.

Following the Taf Fechan method (patent applied for) we managed to clear a load of scrub regeneration which is slowly turning one of our few large open heath and grassland areas back into woodland. All this was done after a 6am start to look for one of the species we are actively managing for at Taf Fechan.

The Pied Flycatcher (or if you’re up at 6am a Flied Piecatcher) is somewhat of a Welsh speciality and we get small numbers of them at Taf Fechan but we are looking to encourage more to use the reserve. Unfortunately we didn’t see (or hear) any on this occasion but we shall continue to look, we were however treated to a fine dawn chorus.