Parc Slip Pollinators

P5160223Prep work for the new herb garden (plus some other plants) was completed on Friday by Tims Work Party, and then the planting was done on Saturday by the Watch Group . Everyone got stuck in and had great fun, the plants were planted where planned, with just a few exceptions as it was quite hard to oversee ten very enthusiastic children plus parents!

Most of the plants were purchased with a £200 Keep Wales Tidy grant, and the rest, including plants and for the children to take home to kick off their very own pollinator garden, were supplied via the Co-Op Welsh Wildlife Heroes. The children will be completing regular mini-beast surveys to monitor the success of the project, plus I will be advertising for a volunteer gardener to help keep the garden tidy and under control. In the meantime if anything looks like it needs watering or nurturing please feel free to help out and help yourself to the herbs J

This is just the start of the Parc Slip Pollinators project so watch out for more action around the reserve.