28/10/2014 – Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time 1100
Weather conditions: Overcast/rain, sea state 2-3, wind S
Three bottlenose dolphin and one Atlantic grey seal

At the beginning of the survey, three dolphins, including one calf were seen actively foraging near the fish factory displaying behaviours such as tail slapping and leaping. This group was seen for the next 45 minutes off the fish factory. One Atlantic grey seal kept popping up just in front of the pier for the majority of the survey. during the second half of the survey, no dolphins were spotted.

2hr survey. start time 1300
Weather conditions: rain/mist, sea state 1, wind SE/S
One bottlenose dolphin

No sightings occurred for the majority of the survey, however in the last 15 minutes one dolphin was spotted travelling in from the fish factory.

2hr survey. start time 1500
Weather conditions: Overcast, sea state 2, wind SW-S
Ten bottlenose dolphins and three Atlantic grey seals

At the beginning of the survey two bottlenose dolphins were seen travelling west towards the fish factory. A mother and calf were spotted early on in the survey, also foraging. Two Atlantic grey seals were seen; one near the pier and one near the beach. Towards the end of the survey six dolphins were seen in one fifteen minute interval all north of the pier. No sightings occurred in the last half an hour.