27/06/12: Bottlenose Dolphins.

2hr survey: 09:00
Weather conditions; overcast; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: S/SW/SE
Nine Bottlenose Dolphins

Two bottlenose dolphins travelled into the survey zone at the beginning of the watch to join another two who were foraging in the central area between the harbour wall and cardinal buoy. Later leaps, lunges and tail slaps were seen before two dolphins travelled North West out of the survey area and only one was left sighted directly in front of the harbour wall foraging. This dolphin then foraged and travelled whilst looking for food towards the fish factory and beyond out of the survey area. At the end of the watch another two bottlenose dolphins were seen foraging a lot further out in a northerly direction.

2hr survey: 11:00
Weather conditions; overcast / dull; Sea state: 1-2: Wind direction: S
Three Bottlenose Dolphins

During the survey three bottlenose dolphins, including a younger animal foraged in-between the fish factory and close into the harbour wall.

2hr survey: 13:00
Weather conditions; Overcast / dull; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: SE/SW
Five Bottlenose Dolphins

At the start of the survey three bottlenose dolphins, two adults and one calf travelled east towards the cardinal buoy, stopping mid way displaying behaviour of leaping, splashing and lunging. It was then noted that there were also two bottlenose dolphins either side of the cardinal buoy foraging. Once the group of two got closer to the cardinal buoy one of these foraging dolphins joined in with the leaping behaviour. Another dolphin travelled right across the survey area making rapid progress west to east to join the group by the cardinal buoy, making five in total, they foraged together for a while and then travelled away west as a group to the fish factory.

2hr survey: 15:00
Weather conditions; Sunny; Sea state: 1: Wind direction: NNW/NW
Five Bottlenose Dolphins

Three dolphins, one a calf, were seen travelling and foraging throughout the survey area between the fish factory, cardinal buoy and harbour wall and were later joined by two more, surrounded by lots of bird activity. The five became a three again towards the end of the survey, a group of two by the cardinal buoy and one by the fish factory in a more localised foraging area and the other two animals possibly left the survey area as they were last seen travelling towards the fish factory with the dolphin who stayed foraging there.