24/09/2013: 39 Bottlenose dolphins and 13 Atlantic grey seals

8 hour survey, start time: 09:08
Weather conditions: sea state 0-2, visibility >10/1-10km, light-moderate swell

Within the first two minutes of the survey starting, eight bottlenose dolphins were spotted close to the fish factory where they were seen in close contact, bow riding, leaping and socialising. The next sighting was just slightly north-east of the first sighting where there were five adult bottlenose dolphins with one calf, seen to be in close contact, leaping and socialising. As the survey continued along the New Quay coastline, one adult bottlenose dolphin was seen with a calf foraging. The next sighting was of an Atlantic grey seal in the water as we headed further offshore from New Quay. Another grey seal was spotted in the water just off the coast by Llangrannog. Our next sighting was over an hour later of one bottlenose dolphin swimming further out to sea from Llangrannog. Later, two bottlenose dolphins were spotted travelling south-west as we headed past the Aberporth coastline. A grey seal was then spotted in the water and shortly after, two adult bottlenose dolphins were spotted with a calf where they were tail-slapping and bow riding. Two adult bottlenose dolphins were later spotted leaping and bow riding off the coastline of Mwnt. The next sighting was of ten bottlenose dolphins, including three calves, foraging around Mwnt. Shortly after, a female grey seal was seen bottling in the water, followed by a sighting of a male in the water. The next sightings all occurred around Cardigan Island where a total of eight Atlantic grey seals were spotted both in the water and hauled out on the rocks, including one new-born pup seen on the rocks. The next sighting was of one bottlenose dolphin as we headed back along the Mwnt coastline. The final sighting was of four bottlenose dolphins foraging around the cardinal buoy as we arrived back to the harbour.