23/09/2014: Bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey. Start time 09:00
Weather conditions: fair/overcast/ rain
Thee bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were seen towards the end of the survey, a group of three were seen towards the cardinal buoy including one calf. At first the group appeared to be travelling east, and then began to forage at depth.

2hr survey. Start time 11:00
Weather conditions: sunny/ overcast
Six bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were seen all throughout the survey, at several points in the survey, a total of six dolphins were seen in three separate groups. All groups appeared to be foraging, except one lone adult who traveled off north.

2hr survey. Start time 13:00
Weather conditions: fair/overcast
Two bottlenose dolphins

Two dolphins were seen foraging and travelling NW at the beginning of the survey. One female Atlantic grey seal was very briefly spotted close to the harbour wall.

2hr survey. Start time 15:00
Weather conditions: overcast/rain
Three bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

One grey seal was seen near the fish factory towards the beginning of the survey. Right at the end of the survey, two dolphins were seen travelling NE and one dolphin was seen foraging near the cardinal buoy.