23/09/10 – Five Atlantic grey seals

2hr start time: 10:35

Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility >10km, swell light

During this trip a total of two Atlantic grey seals were seen. The first seen was a lone pup at 10:46, near New Quay Head, hauled up on the rocks. The second sighting was of a female Atlantic grey seal between Castell Bach and Ynys-Lochtyn at 11:54. This individual was observed in the water.

1.5hr start time: 12:44

Weather conditions: sea state 1-4, visibility >10km, swell light/medium

The only sighting of this trip was at 13:06, of an Atlantic grey seal adult female and her pup at New Quay Head. The female was seen in the water, while the pup was hauled out on the rocks.

1.5hr start time: 14:28

Weather conditions: sea state 2/3, visibility >10km changing to 1-10km, swell light

There were three sightings on this trip, with a total of 3 Atlantic grey seals being seen. The first sighting was of a pup hauled out on the rocks at New Quay Head, at 14:47. The next sighting was a while later, at 15:24, when a female was seen in the water between Carreg Draenog and Castell Bach. The final sighting was only a few minutes later, at 15:29, of a male seal in the water just off New Quay Head.