19/08/15: 16 bottlenose dolphins and 2 Atlantic grey seals

19/08/15: 2 Atlantic Grey Seals and 16 Bottlenose Dolphins

4hr survey. Start time 14:00.
Weather conditions: sea state 0 to 4, visibility 1-10km becoming >10km, light swell.
Two Atlantic Grey Seals and 16 Bottlenose Dolphins.

The first sighting from this survey, a male Grey Seal, was seen in the water about 40 metres from the boat at about 25 to three. There was a second seal, this time a female, seen about five minutes later, this time nearly 100 meters away. About an hour after the first sighting, there was a group of five dolphins, including a juvenile and a new-born, seen about 200 meters from the boat. The next sighting, at four o’clock, was of a lone Bottlenose Dolphin foraging about 50 meters from the boat. After 10 minutes, there was another group of at least three adult dolphins seen foraging and leaping about 400 meters in front of the boat. One adult and two juvenile bottlenose dolphins were then sighted socialising and tail slapping 200m from the boat. Three more sightings of foraging bottlenose dolphins occurred, a pair of adults followed by two single adults near to the end of the survey.