15/06/15: 20 bottlenose dolphins, 2 harbour porpoise and 21 Atlantic grey seals

8hr survey. Start time 10:21
Weather conditions: sea state: 1-2, visibility: 1-10km, light swell
13 bottlenose dolphins, two harbour porpoise and 17 Atlantic grey seals

Our first sighting was two bottlenose dolphins, an adult and a juvenile, travelling west in New Quay harbour. An hour later two more bottlenose dolphins, again an adult and a juvenile, were sighted foraging. In the second quarter of the survey, two different sightings of two adult harbour porpoises were seen, in both cases they were travelling, north and north east respectively. As well as two bottlenose dolphins, over two sightings, who were both seen foraging and six atlantic grey seals over four sightings, all in the water. Within the third quarter a further nine atlantic grey seals were seen, over six sightings either hauled out or in the water, and another two sightings of two individual bottlenose dolphins. During the last quarter, there were only sightings in the last hour. The remaining two atlantic grey seals were seen both in the water, over separate sightings, and five bottlenose dolphins. These were seen over three sightings, with one being seen in the first sighting by its self. It then joined the other three in the second sighting, all leaping, tail slapping and foraging. The third sighting was of the last dolphin foraging in new harbour.
2hr survey. Start time 12:55
Weather conditions: sea state 2-1, visibility >10km, light swell
Seven bottlenose dolphins, and four Atlantic grey seal

In the first hour two sightings of bottlenose dolphins were seen. In the first sighting three adults and a calf were spotted foraging. The second sighting saw three adult bottlenose dolphins leaping and socialising. During the last hour of the survey four adult atlantic grey seal were sighted. A male and a female were hauled out, while the other two were in the water.