10/10/14- bottlenose dolphins and Atlantic grey seals

2hr survey.  Start time 09:00
Weather conditions- sunny/fair/rain, sea state 1-3, wind S
Six bottlenose dolphins and one Atlantic grey seal

At the start of the survey three dolphins were seen foraging near the fish factory. Several dolphins then joined this possible group at the fish factory pushing the total up to six. Another individual was seen near the cardinal buoy. the same dolphins remained in the bay for the most of the survey- mostly foraging near the fish factory. A grey seal was spotted near the factory as well in the last section of the survey.

2hr survey.  Start time 11:00
Weather conditions- overcast/sunny, sea state 2, wind S

No sightings

2hr survey.  Start time 13:00
Weather conditions- sunny/fair/overcast/sun & showers, sea sate 2, wind S/SW

No sightings

2hr survey.  Start time 15:00
Weather conditions- fair/overcast/rain/sunny
Four bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were seen throughout the survey, including two foraging near the cardinal buoy and an individual remaining near the fish factory.