10/07/2013: Bottlenose Dolphins

2hr survey, start time: 09:00
Weather conditions: Sunny, sea state 0-1, Wind NW/WNW
6 Bottlenose Dolphins

Dolphins were seen for the majority of the survey. One dolphin was seen travelling and foraging near the pier and other dolphins were seen foraging near cardinal buoy. Some of the dolphins came very close to the harbour wall.

2hr survey, start time: 11:00
Weather conditions: Sunny; sea state 1; wind N
Nine bottlenose dolphins

Dolphins were seen throughout the survey. In the first fifteen minutes three bottlenose dolphins were seen by the fish factory, staying and thought to be foraging. Five more were seen by the Cardinal Buoy with similar behaviour. These dolphins stayed around the Cardinal Buoy for the rest of the survey. Later, two bottlenose dolphins were seen just north of the harbour wall, travelling west and surfacing regularly and at the end of the survey two dolphins were also seen travelling east from Cardinal Boy.

2hr survey, Start time: 13:00
Weather conditions: Sunny; sea state 1; wind W/NW/N/NNW.
Four Bottlenose Dolphins.

The dolphins were seen throughout the survey, mainly foraging near the fish factory and around the cardinal buoy.

2hr survey, Start time: 15:00
Weather conditions: Sunny; sea state 1; wind NNW.
Four Bottlenose Dolphins.

At the beginning of the survey one dolphin was foraging around the cardinal buoy and another dolphin was travelling east from behind the fish factory, they were soon joined by two more dolphins foraging in the harbour. There were no sightings during the last forty-five minutes of the survey.