09/05/2018: Bottlenose Dolphins

Survey Type:
Land Based Sightings
May 9, 2018
Species Recorded:
Bottlenose dolphin, Gannets
Surveys Conducted:

Survey Observations

Weather conditions: Fair/Overcast, Sea State 1 – 2, Wind Direction SW – SE

A very exciting start to the day saw a large number of bottlenose dolphins arrive in the Bay, a spectacular sight for all to see. Across the 7:00 am survey period, as many as 12 dolphins across two separate groups were sighted foraging shortly in front of the Cardinal Marker, routinely breaching and leaping out of the water whilst foraging, as well as tossing fish into the air. These foraging groups of dolphins were spotted often followed by a range of sea birds such as gannets, guillemots and oystercatchers among others. This excitement continued into the 9:00 am survey period, where a group of dolphins closely approached the Harbour Wall, where our Living seas Shorefin volunteers were able to photograph the travelling dolphins, positively identifying pairs as Snow-cap; a regular animal often sighted in the bay; travelling North West with a newly born calf, as well as Corky and hers. Bottlenose Dolphins were then a regular sighting in the bay for the remainder of the day until late in the afternoon. With sightings being recorded across almost every 15 minute interval of each survey until 3:30 pm. Following this activity Dolphins were not seen again for the rest of the day.

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