01/10/2015: 25 Bottlenose Dolphins and 7 Atlantic Grey Seals

4hr survey. Start time 10:30.
Weather conditions: sea state 2 to 4, visibility >10km, light swell.
25 Bottlenose Dolphins and 7 Atlantic Grey Seals.

The first sighting from this survey was around 40 minutes in, when a group of seven dolphins were seen around 50 meters from the boat. This group was made up of 6 adults and one calf. They were seen to be travelling to the north as well as leaping and socialising. Around 10 minutes later, this group was joined by another 3 adult dolphins, which were also leaping and socialising. At around 11:30, there was an encounter with a group of 15 dolphins, 12 adults and three calves. This group was also seen leaping and socialising. This group was also joined by the group of three from earlier in the trip. The next sighting did not occur until 13:45, when a male Grey seal was seen in the water. This was shortly followed by another three seals, one adult female and two pups. These three were hauled out, with the mother feeding one of the pups. Ten minutes later, there was a sighting of a lone seal pup seen hauled out. At 14:05, there was a female seal seen in the water, followed by a male around five minutes later. There were no further sightings from this survey.