Polecat at Ffrwd Farm Mire reserve

We have caught some exciting footage in a camera trap set up at Ffrwd Farm Mire reserve, our wetland reserve near Kidwelly.

The motion sensor camera was set up to monitor for mink as part of our mink control programme, an important aspect supporting the NRW lead ‘water vole project’. Through this over 100 water voles were released last summer. On the camera we were treated to sights of polecat (a new species for the reserve), otter, fox, and snipe.

Frwd Farm harvesting reed B Killa

Frwd Farm harvesting reed B Killa

Also at Ffrwd, the volunteer group has been cutting back vegetation to make way for machinery that will renew and improve a culvert over a ditch. This will open up a new part of the reserve, enabling us to carry on digging out old ditches and increasing open water.

After months of clearing up brash after a hedgelaying contractor at Carmel Nature Reserve, the volunteers finally got the taste of this traditional skill for themselves. First we had a day’s course in the ‘Breconshire style’ and now have completed around 50 meters of hedgerow.

Changes in legislation in regards to TB testing cattle have meant that we have had to implement new infrastructure at Carmel. It has been necessary to erect new fencing and make alterations to the holding pen. Grantscape has kindly paid for this work, which is crucial in the ongoing management of the species rich grassland.